Politics of prostitution

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This article is centred on the wide spread and senseless act of defection going on in the country. It is a known secret that all the political parties in Nigeria lack ideology and road map for bringing the good life which was the essence for the emergence of nation-state. Thus, one will wo

Politics of prostitution

The Nigerian political scene have become a stage where highly skilled kleptocrats masquerading as national leaders and people's representatives come to defraud the people of their Commonwealth and still get an applause just as Cristiano Ronaldo did in his overhead thunderous goal against Juventus and still had a standing ovation and applause from the very people he scored the goal against.

It is a known secret that majority of the so-called politicians smiling brightly to their various banks today in Nigeria lacks the basic knowledge of of the political game, thus, totally lacks the elementary strategy to even convince an individual to buy into their programme; which they never and will never have in the truth sense of the word. Thus, it is never a surprise that an average Nigerian politician lacks electoral value and any kind of value one can possibly think of.

Due to the total of this political know-how as earlier mentioned, Nigerian politicians have now opted for the available option, which is to trigger the act of "cross carpeting". 

The concept of parliamentary cross carpeting as now use and grossly abused in Nigeria has never been an instrument of collective hunting for people's vote and Commonwealths; and as shield for kleptocrats/public thieves as evidently seen in Nigeria. Rather, it has been an instrument through which the national politics stabilized and national goods otherwise known as democratic dividends delivered to the people/electorates.

Political defection in Nigeria is rather a conscious effort and steps by public thieves to ensure and protect not only what they have stolen, but also to protect themselves from prosecution for their crimes and to ensure that the stealing of both the people's mandate and Commonwealth continues.

These kleptocrats are in total agreement with the former and immediate past governor of Akwa Ibom state, when he said: " what money can not do, plenty money can do it". Relating to the Nigerian case, "what public thief can not steal, plenty thieves masquerading as honourables and their Excellencies can steal and evacuate to foreign accounts without prosecution". 

As noted above, the essence of political prostitution in Nigeria is to protect stolen goods(monies) and mandate. That is why one of them shamelessly said "I never defected from my party, I only move"

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