The Ripe Mango

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The Ripe Mango

It was a beautiful morning and OLUWAFEMI was moving towards a mango tree, as he looked up, he saw a big and ripped mango.

He thought of how to get the mango but decided that it would fall soon.

That same morning OLUWAPELUMI came out from the house, saw the big and ripped mango.

He immediately searched for sticks which he used to weakened the mango and made it to fall after many attempts.

When OLUWAFEMI finally came back, he couldn't find the mango, so when he reached home he saw his brother OLUWAPELUMI enjoying the mango.

He got angry but could not do anything.

Maybe my Dear, you are like OLUWAFEMI, you saw what you wanted and left it, waiting for the mango to fall, for you to pick it.

You have spent weeks or months reading articles on Telecom or VTU Business; you joined some noble business groups on whatsapp to learn more. You have read our messages/presentation, listened to audio recordings,  watched video clips, and saw many testimonies about this lucrative Telecom business, but you are not moved to swiftly taking actions.

Someone joined or added to whatsapp groups and got registered within a week and started building the business.

You want some of us in the business already to become wildly successful before you get started.

Listen my Dear, success/breakthrough in life is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.

Those who constantly wait and complain about the toughness of the question, never discover the toughness of their brain and the creativity of their minds to proffer solutions to pressing issues.

The future can be cheap  if you overcome your fear of failure, take calculated risks and start building the future now!

The future will be tough for those who take no risks today to build it.

The present can be expensive; those who wait to eat the present after it has already been cooked, pay the highest premium for their taste.

When you wait till a location becomes famous before you think of buying real estate there, you will pay a high price for it.

When you wait to be nice to people only after they become famous, you will pay  a high price to have access to them.

My Dear, nothing is given, everything is for the taking.

You cannot take or be taken if you are not ready. Seek self- development, train your inner eye to see opportunities where majority see failures.

Use the stick in your hand to make that ripe mango fall.

I must be sincere with you, this RechargeAndGetPaid Telecom Business is not for everyone. It is for serious business minded people who are willing to learn and work before they start earning.

People with MMM/lottery mentality should keep off this Telecom Business

If you are willing to learn, work hard and smart to build a legitimate business, I dare you to be Financially Free through RechargeAndGetPaid!
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